The Program

The program begins with figure, still life and landscape drawing before moving to painting. Students work on the figure and still life in the studio — with four large windows and stunning surroundings, the room is awash in natural light and creative atmosphere. Landscape drawing and painting are done en plein air (weather permitting) around the studio and in picturesque local settings.


“With my knowledge of all things artistic being somewhere below zero, my week at Mill Road Studio was an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and do something I had never before attempted. It was a wonderful and gentle introduction to a world that I had always observed from a distance. The composition and pace of the course, for a novice such as myself, was ideal, relaxed and user-friendly.”

— E. Martin




Painting is done primarily in acrylic; some work may be done in watercolour. Printmaking includes both intaglio and relief techniques. All materials are provided, including a sketchbook and small stretched canvasses. (If you prefer to use your own brushes and pigments, please feel free to bring them.)


The program provides individual instruction within a group setting, and meets the needs of students at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Depending on the interests of each group, classes can be tailored to emphasize a particular skill or medium. Sessions can also include collage, assemblage and found object sculpture.


Weekend workshops are available on request.
Five day programs can be custom designed for groups with
common or specific interests.

All queries can be made to:

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