Painting, Drawing and Printmaking in Newfoundland

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Mill Road Studio. We will be offering week long programs from July 1 – September 20 2019, as well as a variety of weekend and one day workshops. On the occasion of our 10th anniversary the cost of a week long course will be $1000.00 and this will include all art materials, model fees, lunches and snacks. The classes run from 9:00AM-4:00PM Monday to Friday.


All courses are designed to be challenging and enlightening for all participants  — from the absolute beginner to the experienced artist. We will be working in the studio and en plein air.
In addition to our regular five-day and two-day weekend workshops we added three new workshops to the program this year:

• A one-day intensive drawing workshop that includes five hours of life drawing in a variety of media, followed by an hour of sketching a still life composition.

• A one-day printmaking workshop that takes participants through intaglio printing in the morning and relief printing in the afternoon.

• A half-day corporate program centred around team building through drawing.

“Stephen is not only a gifted artist but also a dedicated teacher. Sensitive to each student’s need, he is able to draw on his vast teaching experience, to stimulate the creative process in the student. Learning at the Mill Road Studio is much more than acquiring technical skill. It is a delightful and enriching experience. I could not have found a better teacher.”
—M. Silverstone, Montreal


"First of all, as a physical object this little book is a delight to hold. Its wrap-around cover photo an invitation to sit down on the bench, and peruse a few chapters. They're short, reading like a conversation with a friend. It is beautifully and thoughtfully written with just enough memoir to lead you into the next gallery or let you know what is important about Caravaggio. Zeifman's life and times as an artist, long time art teacher, and writer come alive through his astute observations. A culmination of offerings on how travel opened his thinking about art, architecture, photography including some essential art of whatever region he was traveling, and what art is key to him and why. Such insights. Reflective, concise, all very interesting - a tour of influential art plain and simple. This is the kind of book that invites rumination, perhaps planning of an art trip. A welcoming read to give to friends, artists or not."
- Sally Thurlow

Please contact us to arrange all other workshops or a custom designed program for your group.

“Thank you for a week to remember. You have a unique ability to bring out your students’ creativity, and to encourage, instruct, and inspire them to paint the world as they see it. The staggeringly beautiful landscape made for a very special holiday that lives on as I apply the skills I learned. Save a spot for me next summer."

— H. Elston


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Photos: Stephen Zeifman © Mill Road Studio 2009